Leaving London

So we’re off on our adventure tonight! It’s exciting and yet daunting – it’s a big journey and we don’t know for how long we’ll be travelling, living out of a backpack. Money is a primary concern at the moment. It turns out that leaving the country is a hugely expensive affair and we still haven’t found a tenant for our house. Apparently there are more houses to let than there are tenants at the moment, so we’re crossing our fingers and toes.

So what will we miss? I’ll miss my big comfortable bed and lovely hot power shower. I’ll miss the certainty of my home – knowing where everything is, not being a guest in my house and city. I’ll miss the British newspapers and radio, a good cup of Earl Grey and the ease of drinkable tap water.

Most of all I will miss our wonderful friends and family who have supported us with so much love and humour over the past weeks’ frantic preparation. But, I know we’ll keep in close touch and we’ll meet up somewhere beautiful, so I’m not sad.

Let’s go see the world!

3 thoughts

  1. Have a wonderful time you two and take care of each other. That said, don’t spare us any details of the close shaves, near misses and hideous parasites you encounter along the way.
    Oh, and remember Hemingway’s cautionary note: “Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.” See you in the jungle x

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