Eat camels, kangaroos for the environment

Australians were told today to eat camels to protect the country’s fragile ecosystem from the ravages of climate change. The Middle Eastern animals were brought to the country 150 years ago by Afghan workers to help build railways in the desert Outback. But they are now a feral nuisance, wreaking havoc on the grass scrubland and precious water supplies of Australia. Now the authors of a three year study on the camel’s effects is recommending eating them as a way of reducing their numbers.

In October, the government’s chief climate adviser suggested people should eat kangaroo to reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions – kangaroos, like other Aussies, produce methane farts. But their emissions are negligible in comparison with non-native animal farts, like cows and sheep.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Australia could reduce its emissions by simply putting a bit of camel or roo on the barbie. The truth is, reducing Australia’s huge per capita carbon emissions needs rather more commitment than that. I suggest the government looks to sorting out the nation’s water and energy use first.

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