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Below is a selection of my work (relevant to my travels) that has appeared in media over the past few years. I try to keep it updated with the most recent at the top.

Geoengineering, Frontiers for BBC Radio 4

Biofuels, Frontiers for BBC Radio 4

Fracking, Discovery for BBC World Service

The Age We Made, Discovery radio series for BBC World Service

Smart Planet columns, BBC Future (Readers in the UK can access here)

Central African nations team up to stop poaching, The Guardian

India calls on China to ban tiger farms, The Guardian

Calls for China to end domestic trade in ivory, The Guardian

Favourite science writing, The Guardian

Interview with Françoise Barbira Freedman, New Scientist

 Review of The Land Grabbers by Fred Pearce, Conservation magazine

Safe and just operating space for humanity, Nature Climate Change

Life after an oil spill, ABC Environment

In the Spirit of Scott, Nature Climate Change

Africa’s Tree Lady, Nature Climate Change

An Epoch debate: Are we entering a new geological age? Science

Interview with Peter Sale, Nature Climate Change

Interview with Chris Stringer, Nature Climate Change

Flying past tipping points, Nature Climate Change

Face to face with climate change, Australian Geographic

Geladas on Discovery, BBC World Service

United plates of America: The making of a new world, New Scientist

Geologists press for recognition of Earth-changing human epoch, The Guardian

Tell me a story, The Guardian

Embracing invasives, Science

Amazon activist: I will not give up the fight, New Scientist

Painting a mountain to save a Peruvian village, Australian Geographic

Out of the Mist, Science

Elephant fiesta in the Okavanga Delta, Australian Geographic

Narwhals gather Arctic Ocean climate data, New Scientist

Eating dirt in the Amazon, Australian Geographic

Diving into the abyss, Australian Geographic

Dams for Patagonia, Science

(Click for my interview for Science podcast)

Plight of the Ganges dolphin, Australian Geographic

On the tiger trail, Australian Geographic

Namibia’s strange desert dwellers, Australian Geographic

A Himalayan village builds artificial glaciers, Scientific American

Learning to hunt with an ancient tribe, Australian Geographic

Tagging whale sharks in the Maldives, Australian Geographic

Hanging out with gelada baboons, Australian Geographic

Live the dry life, New Scientist

Who needs banks if you have a mobile phone?, New Scientist

Food security in Africa, Science

One farmer, one hope, Science

More drops per crop, Science

Ugandan plant geneticist, Science careers

Glacier Man, Science

Could insects solve the food crisis?, The Guardian

India should fund its solar plans, The Guardian

Climate fit; climate weak, e360

Reef regeneration, The Guardian

How to survive the coming century, New Scientist

Paradise lost: Islanders prepare for the flood, New Scientist

Maldives protects its sharks, BBC

Tagging whale sharks, BBC

Bhopal: Lingering pain, BBC

Cap & trade by end of year in US, Seed Magazine

Banking the monsoon, Seed Magazine

Interview: James Lovelock. One last chance to save mankind, New Scientist

Water and sand in Rajasthan, Seed Magazine

How to unplug from the grid, New Scientist

Wireless in the mountains, Seed Magazine

Laptop school, Seed Magazine

Save the dolphin!, Seed Magazine

Review of Forecast, New Scientist

Nepal’s wireless network, BBC World Service (audio)

Diplomatic waters, Seed Magazine


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