I’ve spent much of my life exploring the world’s different environments -trying to understand more about us, this strange human creature that created the Anthropocene. Now, for most of us, our physical world has shrunk to the extent of our homes.

But our physical geography has never been a true reflection of our immeasurable, boundless human world. We are a species that long ago escaped its niche. We live beyond space and time, through our immortal ideas, language and material creations. The things we treasure, make and use can tell us a lot about who we are and where we’ve come from.

I’m going to select artefacts from my home that tell a story about our extraordinary species: the transcendence of a cultural being.

Join me on a tour of my homuseum.

Learn more in my latest book, TRANSCENDENCE, which explores how we got here: how a smart ape became a planet-dominating force. It rewrites the story of our ‘ascent’, describing the co-evolution of our biology, environment and, importantly, our culture. It’s the story of how we made ourselves and where we are headed. TRANSCENDENCE is available in beautiful editions in the UK and in North America.

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