How To Survive The Climate Upheaval

Buy NOMAD CENTURY here in the UK, and in the USA!

Nomad Century is the most important book I imagine I’ll ever read

Mary Roach

Buy NOMAD CENTURY here: in the UK, and in the USA!

Picked as a Best Book of 2022 by: The Financial Times, NPR, The Times, New Statesman

I have been blown away by the generous support NOMAD CENTURY has received from reviewers, including some of the people I most admire. This book is a passion project born out of frustration for the way we are dealing with the biggest crisis humanity has faced in its history. I hope these reviews will persuade you to read it too:

With the government’s migration policy in such appalling disarray, Gaia Vince’s Nomad Century has to be the most timely book of the year. Vince’s calm, compassionate and authoritative explanation of the inevitability of migration is essential reading… There should be a copy on every desk in Whitehall — Michael Brooks, Books of the Year ― New Statesman

“ The case it makes for fresh thinking is utterly convincing” — Pilita Clark, Books of the Year —The Financial Times

A tour de forceNomad Century should be on the reading list of anyone and everyone in any position of power. It is not simply a future atlas of human geography showing where will be habitable and for how many, but a hard-hitting must-read on how we will need to live in the coming decades to secure the long-term survival of humankind — Anjana Ahuja ― Financial Times

Essential, bold and clear-sighted… I have yet to read a book that takes the question of how to survive the coming decades more seriously — David Farrier ― Prospect

A powerful, provocative argument ― Nature

After a summer of climate catastrophes, not least the appalling floods that left a third of Pakistan under water at the end of August, now should be the moment to consider radical solutions — Philippa Nuttall ― New Statesman

Engaging and constructive… Vince leaves the reader with more than a few sparks of hope ― Herald

Gaia Vince’s new book should be read not just by every politician, but by every person on the planet, because it lays out, much more clearly than any existing scientific assessment, the world we are creating through global heating… Passionate and powerful — Bob Ward ― Observer

Powerful… It holds much wisdom with which to tackle the challenges of our turbulent century… Nomad Century is a visionary book, an attempt to imagine how climate change might reshape our notions of what is politically possible — Ben Cooke ― The Times

Nomad Century is a landmark work – terrifying in its message and urgency, but ultimately empowering in its conviction about a path forward. Gaia Vince lays bare the scale of the challenge before us, and the grand ideas that will be needed to meet it. We must be ready; this book shows us howEd Yong

Once again Gaia Vince demonstrates that she is one of the finest science writers at work today — Bill Bryson

The climate crisis already has millions of people on the move, and that number will steadily grow higher till it breaks the political structures of the planet – unless, as the author suggests, we start now to remake those structures so they can cope, and indeed benefit, from the flow of humans that is now inevitable. An important and provocative start to a crucial conversation — Bill McKibben

This book is a rather astounding addition to a growing body of thought that suggests the twenty-first century is going to include, and even require, lots of human migration-and that handled correctly, this could be part of a good adaptation to the climate and biosphere crisis we are now entering. What Vince gives us here is some cognitive mapping to understand the situation and see a way forward — Kim Stanley Robinson

Vince’s perspectives and proposals are refreshing in a world where a Don’t-Look-Up-style denial is solidly in place… If this book results in even a smidgeon more sympathy for the huge numbers of people being forced away from their homes, that will be a great thing — Sally Hayden ― Irish Times

Nomad Century is the most important book I imagine I’ll ever read. Gaia Vince calmly — without drum-banging or hand-wringing — sets forth likely consequences and end-of-century projections for our rapidly changing planet. It’ll knock you flat. But before you hit the ground, she hands over an impressively detailed survival plan: supporting radical migration from newly uninhabitable regions, rethinking urban structures and food practices, restoring climate. The book is heavily researched, but Gaia’s clean, intelligent prose propels the reader — Mary Roach

Terrifying, yet strangely hopeful and immensely important. I’m not sure if you can ‘love’ a book about our precarious future but this is essential reading. Nomad Century brings together the two most pressing issues of our time: the climate emergency and migration. Every single one of us will be affected by this – and therefore we should all read this book. It’s packed with facts, solutions and even some optimism … so, yes, maybe I actually do ‘love’ it — Andrea Wulf

Brilliant. The most far-sighted book on migration I have read. Gaia Vince doesn’t waste a sentence. Read this to understand our futureHenry Mance

Nomad Century will broaden your horizon when thinking about the biggest humanitarian crisis of known history. A passionate plea for humankind — Ece Temelkuran

Vince sounds the air raid siren for humanity, then offers a thrilling path forward. A harrowing then inspiring read — Musa Okwonga

Rigorously researched, accessibly written and illuminating… Vince’s book makes a persuasive case that we can meet the momentous tasks ahead ― Geographical

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  1. I was enthused by the publication of Nomad Century, but was busy with other books. Now your book, Gaia, needs to be at the top of my list, congrats on the kudos you have gathered! A great lesson in “focus” on the climate crisis! Bob Cox Pointe Claire, QC 514 505 7199

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