All a twitter

I’ve followed the advice of my good friend (and guru in such matters), Jonnygenius, who tells me that Twitter feeds are how the world communicates these days and without them I am a blogging dinosaur. So I am plunging into twitters and tweets (ignoring the cringeworthy monikers) in the hope of getting a grip on the technology before it becomes passe and overtaken by, I don’t know, spectacles that continually update wearers on their friends’ every burp.

I am a little nervous that I won’t experience enough of interest and value to tweetter about, but I will be able to produce more regular updates from our travels, because I think I can send text blurbs from my phone (when I work it out).

Anyway, I will be updating the bar on the right-hand-side of this site, and do join up to follow the latest from our travels, which resume next week.

As always, any suggestions of whom we might talk to or visit on the trip – and any other pointers – are most welcome.

5 thoughts

  1. Gaia,

    Does it mean that we will not read your regular posts any more. That would be a huge loss, let me say !

    Enjoy your time Down Under

    1. No, no, Roberto, I will still be publishing regular posts as soon as next week, but the twittering is in addition – they are just brief communications to update.

      Thanks for your kind words!

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