Gon out. Backson

The past six months have been truly extraordinary. We’ve wandered through 8 countries, stalked rhino in the foothills of the wintry Himalayas, swam with whale sharks in the tropical Indian Ocean, eaten chillies with villagers in the Thar (Asia’s largest desert) and amok fish on the banks of the Tonle Sap (SE Asia’s largest lake). We’ve seen how rice farming is being adapted for those experiencing drought and for those who live with floods. How vegetables are grown without soil, and how fish are grown under a house.

It’s been at times exhilarating and stimulating, at times tedious and exhausting, and now we need a rest. We’re hunkering down with my grandparents in wintry Sydney for a week or two, to eat cake, drink tap water, unpack our bags for more than a night and hopefully purge my guts of their uninvited colonies…

We’ll be back on the road soon, though and in the meantime, we’ll upload more photos and video footage from the trip, so keep checking.

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