Announcing: NOMAD CENTURY!

I’ve written a new book about how we must tackle the climate crisis with global migration. It’s called NOMAD CENTURY and it’s available to preorder now in the UK and USA!

Climate change is underway and the world will become more dangerous this century. We must stop heating our planet to mitigate the danger, and we will also need to adapt to the very different world we are making. But, large populations live in places that will not be able to adapt: they will need to move. It is time we started talking about it. NOMAD CENTURY is my manifesto for how we survive this century.

This is my most heartfelt, personal book – I really want to start a conversation and I hope you’ll take part. I’m thrilled to have received some early endorsements from people I hugely admire, and I’ll post those soon. Meanwhile, here’s an interview in The Bookseller that explains a little more.

NOMAD CENTURY is published in August and do please preorder your copy – it makes a huge difference to an author!

One thought

  1. Brilliant! A way to respond to 100 million (climate) refugees. You have nailed it, We should all be excrement…no wait, I think I meant ex-residents, and definitely NOT “colonials” of some authoritarian imperial Masters. Say no to THIS war, too!

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