Paperback writer

The UK paperback is out! TRANSCENDENCE: How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language Beauty & Time is the perfect gift for you or a friend.

Shortlisted for this year’s Royal Society Science Book Prize and ranked in the 5 best nonfiction books for 2020, Transcendence tells the biggest story of how we made ourselves and where we are going. It is the story of our cultural evolution from thermodynamics to fashion to AI. Read it to make sense of this past year: how we made the pandemic, brexit, tribalism, the vaccines that will save us, and much much more.

You can hear me chatting about some of the issues in the book here, with Prof Brian Cox, Jim Al-Khalili and Linda Scott

You can buy TRANSCENDENCE from all the usual places, and I’ve also set up a bookshop for UK shoppers.

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