Covid and after covid

I’ve been thinking, writing, talking about how we got here and where we might go next. Here are some of my recent pieces:

I wrote about the kinder, greener world we could build after this, if governments seize the opportunity, for the Observer.

I spoke about being a writer during the pandemic and how humans created this situation, for ALSO digital.

I wrote about how humans made this pandemic because we operate as a social system within a systemic biosphere, for Nautilus.

I wrote about the politically partisan response to coronavirus in the USA, and why it’s so hard to be rational, for BBC Future.

I wrote about the rainbows we’re seeing everywhere, and what they mean, for BBC Culture.

I visited the world’s largest refugee camp, in Bangladesh, last year, and now they face the terrifying prospect of a coronavirus epidemic. I wrote this for the BMJ.

I reviewed The Better Half by Sharon Moalem for the Guardian.

I also contributed to some BBC Radio programmes: I was on Free Thinking (Radio 3) and The Learning Revolution (Radio 4).

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