Warming waters, melting ice

This week the IPCC published its long-awaited report into how climate change is affecting the oceans and cryosphere (icy landscapes). In summary, the scientists agree that the oceans are already changing, sea levels are rising and, as most humans live near coastlines, societies will all need to adapt to these new, often dangerous conditions. The best approach remains global mitigation of the causes of warming: curbing our greenhouse gas emissions.

I wrote recently about the affects of global warming on Earth’s Third Pole. And I also explored what the world might be like if we reach 4C degrees of warming (above preindustrial levels), and how we might survive this. Spoiler: it’s better now.

One thought

  1. Was struck with Greta Thunberg being in Montreal, where 500,000 was the number estimated to be attending on September27, 2019. I have noted a very hot July in Montreal, but September was moderate (normal) and fading into October, here, temperatures at very normal highs around 15 degrees C. Creates a complacent attitude, but I am SCREAMING out that USA is withdrawing from Paris Accord, and creating all sorts of geo-political nightmares, leading to my statement that human empires have come and gone, but the Empire of Nature is really the only Earthly power we should follow.

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