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  1. I have just read Roy Scranton’s little book “Learning to Die in the Anthropocene”. The spiritual depth of humanity’s immediate concern is the social awareness of ALL of humanity, and finding global solutions. We are fantastic individuals, but even Jean Jacques Rousseau’s “The Social Contract” has not created human agreement. Controlling reproduction our first need, but still totally unanswered. How to stabilize humanity at 1 or 2 billion? Rationally possible, seemingly impossible “emotionally”.

  2. Thanks for the work you’re doing. Especially liked your comment that we humans have a stone age brain. We have evolved very slowly in this regard.
    Shared your interview with my followers on “Three Worlds One Vision.”

  3. Thank you for making that leap – following through with your idea to travel the world, see changes as a result of climate change, and report back…I’m adding the book to my list…(and I also tweeted your story). Thanks!

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