Into 2015

London: Hope your year has begun well. I’ve started it thinking about how we might live with our planetary changes, and earlier this week I attended a workshop in Sweden run by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, which gathered a broad group of international scientists to look at how we might create a “good” anthropocene by recognising positive steps or projects towards global sustainability and working out how to nurture the social and environmental conditions for them to flourish. I discussed the meeting on Inside Science on BBC Radio 4 this week.

I’m currently working on a two-part BBC radio documentary series that will be broadcast on World Service on 16 and 23 February looking at our throwaway culture, obsolescence and how we can create conditions for more durable products – I’ve visited some great scientists, designers, factory workers and community projects for this. And you can catch my last radio documentary, all about the vagus nerve and how it knits vital communication between the nervous and immune systems, on podcast.

I have some talks coming up too. I’m speaking at the LSE literature festival on 28 February on ‘The human age: Art and identity in the Anthropocene’. And I’ll be talking about my book at the Brighton Science Festival on 1 March as part of Big Science Sunday. Then I’m at the Edinburgh Science Festival on 19 April. I very much hope to see you at one of these!

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