My book’s out in Canada!

Adventures In The Anthropocene is available in Canada from today in all good bookshops. David Suzuki says:

Our species has exploded into a new kind of force – one species able to alter the physical, chemical and biological properties of the planet on a geological scale. Gaia Vince’s important book provides the evolutionary, temporal and biophysical context to show with clarity the stunning speed and magnitude of the human footprint on the planet. She manages to inspire with hope while conveying a cry of urgency.


2 thoughts

  1. Dear Ms Vince, the statement in your book that Pokhara lake (phewa tal) ‘ in mid-December… should have ice’ is completely ridiculous. How could a lake at an elevation of only 2,700′ and 28 degrees north of the equator freeze?

    1. You’re right, it’s very rare these days to see low temperatures in Pokhara, although there was snow and ice at the edges of the lake earlier this year in February when it snowed. That is unusual in the valley though.

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