Birthday Girl

Hi to all our readers, Nick here. Just wanted to let you know its Gaia’s birthday tomorrow on the 4th.

She’s developed a really nasty cold just in time for her special day and also to prevent her from diving in Belize, which kinda sucks.

I’ve been trying to get her to rest so she can get over this cold, but she is insisting on writing more blogs. What do you lot think?? Should she take a few days off?

Thanks for any help getting her to unwind a bit towards the end of our trip.


7 thoughts

  1. Happy Birthday, Gaia! Yes, a few days off is is definitely a good idea! I hope you’re better soon – and have as great a day as you can possibly manage.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Gaia should first UNblog (her blogged doze).

    What if you take over for a few days … just until you catch her cold, by which time she will be bouncing back and raring to blog.

  3. She has to take off her birthday and spend the days swinging in her hammock, until she’s up to diving – or exploring; better there than in Mexico!
    In my experience she’ll bounce back in a few days.
    Give her a big birthday cuddle from all her fans – specially us!

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