Happy Christmas!

Cahuita: Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. This time in 2008 we were in Kathmandu, Nepal; in 2009 we were on Lake Malawi; and in 2010 we are on the Caribbean in Costa Rica.

Baby three-toed sloth

Whether in Asia, Africa or Central America, we’ve spent the holiday thinking of our faraway family and friends, while celebrating with our new friends, which this year includes the animals we met at the Jaguar Rescue Center, a nearby sanctuary for injured or orphaned wildlife, which are rehabilitated and released by dedicated owners Encar and Sandro.

With a baby two-toed sloth and her teddy bear

In Cahuita, it’s pouring with rain – like it has done for the past month – the roads are full of potholes (and the bars full of potheads), the beaches are thigh-high in washed up trees and other coastal carnage.

Not the first time Nick's had a monkey on his head

The frogs are shouting happily, there are more than enough mosquitoes to munch (and be munched by), the sloths hang damply from the mangroves and the howler monkeys can rarely be bothered to howl – it’s a lazy kind of place.

And I got one too

We found a bottle of Argentinian malbec in the corner store, some cheese, good bread from the bicycling Italian baker, and some mangoes. So, we’re going to spend our christmas day eating, drinking and watching the iguanas.

Christmas tree

If the rain stops, we might go for a paddle in the sea. Hope your Christmas is fun, wherever you are!

She'll be released in a few months

love Gaia and Nick x

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