Mapping the journey

For the past week, I have been trying to create maps of our journey using Google Maps- Grrrrrr! I’ve mapped the entire journey so far with links to posts and photos, but only managed to get about half of the Asia journey and two-thirds of the Africa journey to show up on the site. There’s some bug with the Google Maps program that paginates the maps, so they don’t show up. I’ve tried to get around this in various ways, but thus far unsuccessfully.

It’s very frustrating, but my programming skills are non-existant and I’ve reached the end of my patience. If anyone out there knows how to get the entire maps to show, please enlighten me!

2 thoughts

  1. Gaia,

    Sorry to hear of your issues with Google Maps. Richard Scrase pointed me your way.

    Do give me a call, number’s on the site. I have spent many happy hours putting expeditions into Google Earth and Google Maps and teaching others to do the same.


    Digital Explorer

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