Arrival in Africa

We arrive in Addis under black clouds and pouring rain in the early Ethiopian hours of the morning. I say Ethiopian hours because they measure time differently here – the day begins at 6 am, not midnight. Even the months are different – Ethiopia has 13 months; 12 of thirty days, and 1 of five or six days depending on whether there is a leap year.

The rain has been constant all day. It’s a cruel twist for this nation, where there is now a significant famine because the rainy season was too brief. Now, in the dry season, the rains have restarted these last few days.

The fine-featured people we’ve encountered have all been very charming and friendly (unless you mistakenly bring up the Eritrean subject, as I did). They speak an ancient language here, Amharic, and seem in every way different to the rest of the continent. Right, off for one of those famous coffees!

(Ethiopia has the world’s fourth worst internet connection (wonder who’s beaten it to worst?), so images and posts might be a little sporadic.)

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