London, still

We were hoping to be back on the road by now, but Nick’s pearly whites are giving him trouble – he had to have root canal work done this morning – so looks like we’ll be delayed a little longer while my prince gets fitted for his crown.

Not that it’s a hardship being in London. It’s wonderful to see friends and family and to be still for a time.

Top 5 travel irritations:
1. Having to keep watch over all belongings at all times
2. Having to negotiate the price of everything from transport to food
3. Having to spend tedious hours waiting for things from buses to visas
4. Having to devote enormous amounts of time and energy to the logistics of getting from A to B, and then to finding a bed at B
5. The frustration of not being a fluent speaker of every language

So, is travel worth it? OF COURSE! I can’t wait to get back to the big wide world, and it won’t be much longer now.

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