Bangla beats

Architecturally, Dhaka is unlovely. Traffic-wise, it is appalling – 1.5 hours to crawl 10 kilometres in the stifling heat. But I like it here. The reason: the people are insanely friendly, the streets are clean (there is garbage collection and plastic bags have been banned) and barely polluted (petrol and diesel vehicles have been phased out), the food is delicious and everything works (more or less).

No time for much more now, except to say that we are visiting villagers who grow vegetables on lilies, and we’re heading to the Sundarbans to spot our old friend the tiger in the world’s largest wetlands

More soon! Here’s a rather shaky video of the river in Dhaka.

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  1. Gaia,

    I added a paragraph on the chars and their people to the article about the Ganges in Wikipedia. Feel free to amend it.

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