Greenest hotel pool

We visited an eco hotel outside Bangalore. I know what you’re thinking – I thought the same: they have a couple of low-energy bulbs and remind you not to launder towels unnecessarily. But ‘Our Native Village’ is the real deal. Energy is produced via a wind turbine and photovoltaic solar panels, biogas fuels the kitchens and water is heated through solar thermal and woodstove backup. The entire building is designed to be low-energy – the bricks are of sun-dried clay from the site, for example – and the building uses natural architectural ventilation (there is no air-con).

But the hotel pool is my favourite. It’s a living – literally green – pond of a pool and it cleans naturally using plant roots. Frogs and dragonflies do the rest.

5 thoughts

  1. Oh, how I would love to swim in the swimming pool. I guess there are no snakes in the pool.

    When I was trying to exercise in a US pool, I began to smell like chlorine all the time. I think chlorine swimming is probably very unhealthy and so I quit. Also, I believe drinking chlorinated water is also extremely unhealthy, not to say what it does to the balance of nature as the chlorination disseminates throughout the ecosystem as well as the production of chlorine.

    1. Hi Siddharth, I’ve been very lax with links – I’ll put some in. And thanks for the contact suggestion!

  2. hi Gaia,
    thanks- found the hotel url..hoping to head there someday soon! interesting post that follows as well, the rainman; though i think some bug’s caused it to be posted thrice…
    oh- you should lookup and some of its creator-partners in Bangalore, FRLHT, ATREE etc – if you havent already…
    do give a holler if Nick and you are in Bangalore for longer, would be great to meet!

  3. I built a similar system here in Bali. The ecologists say it isn’t easy being green but, my pool disproves that… but, the sytem works and has been working well for over 2 years. Would love to hear from others doing something similar.

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