Foggy Ganges

We arrived in Varanasi last night and eventually made it to our guest house over the Ganges Ghats. Lovely but icy cold – we slept in our foil survival blankets that Nick handily packed (in case we happened to run a marathon or something). Anyway it was better than the nothing we otherwise would have had. Today we are on a mission to purchase a pashmina/throw whatever. Annoying because there were lovely yak wool ones in Kathmandu from Tibet and Afghanistan.

Anyway, we met up with lovely Rachel, who’s come to join us for a couple of weeks from Dubai! She’s even colder than us I think. Banana porridge is helping us warm up.

It’s filthy here (of course) but it has a charm. The alleyways in the old town where we are staying are packed with every kind of crap, cows, dogs, urchins. But the Medieval atmosphere is disrupted by internet cafes and tooting motorbikes. Looking forward to seeing some of the beautiful temples in this Hindu capital, and if the fog lifts a bit, maybe get a boat along the river.

2 thoughts

  1. Hey gorgeous,

    Loved your piece in Seed. I was like “Yay, I know that queen of the Himalayas! I’m so excited!”

    England is cold and yucky. It snowed, sunned, rained and hailed today.

    Can’t wait to get to Buenos Aires. I’m off on Saturday for a week of sculking it out, surfin’ and smiling widely on the beach.

    Lots of love

    Anita x

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