Young passion

Just met the 23-year-old head of Nepal’s wildlife conservation charity – part of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots initiative. He was so inspiring, beautiful and dedicated; Nick and I both fell in love with him. He is setting up Nepal’s first rehabilitation centre for injured and orphaned animals, and left us to travel to the west of the country to rescue a caged leopard kept in somebody’s basement.

It’s an awesome task he faces, but if anyone can take it on it’s Manoj Gautam and his band of 22 core supporters.

Tomorrow we go to the national park at Bardia to see for ourselves what sort of state it’s in, and see if we can find the elusive river dolphin.

It was too cloudy last night to see any stars – according to a friend, the smiley face was there, but I can’t find any pictures. Most sites reckon it won’t be visible till 2012. Anyone spot it?

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