Roaring fire in the mountains

Okay, so we’re only at 1700 metres, but it feels pretty high after the valley of Kathmandu. We have just one night here in this amazing place surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayan peaks above the Kavrepalanchok valley. We’re staying in a newly set up guest house, where the owners are attempting to restore the landscape through tree planting and plant management. Perhaps they’ve been a little too successful – 2 nights ago the family dog got taken by a leopard.

All the food and other supplies are sourced locally where possible and the owners have been talking to a (bizarrely) Japanese man who lives nearby in this fairly remote place and runs an organic seedlings nursery.

It’s coolish here so we’re snuggling up besides the huge roaring fire about to eat dinner. Tomorrow we go back to the city, so I’m making the most of the clean air and quiet surroundings.

2 thoughts

  1. Do hope you feel better soon. It all sounds amazing, what an experience I feel very envious. We await your bulletins eagerly and really enjoy the descriptions of your journey, take care love Liz.

  2. Already feeling much better, thanks and Nick’s just come back with the loveliest snuggly socks for me to keep me warm so I’m on top of the world now!

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