Future of aviation up in the air

A leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft parts has warned this week that “there may not be an aviation industry in three to five years time, if we do not find an alternative fuel in large enough quantities”, because it is believed that the global scale of oil use will exceed supply.

If he’s right, it looks as though campaign groups like Plane Stupid can put their feet up now.

The company is now looking to invest in various alternative fuels and has expressed an interest in investing in the “fuel from air” scheme that I wrote about previously – the company’s engineers say that Dave Benton’s figures more than add up. According to the calculations, Benton’s scheme would need 3 kilowatthours to produce 1KWH of fuel. A coal power station needs 4KWH of coal to produce 1KWH energy, and a car engine is even less efficient, working at a 7:1 ratio. So petrol from air starts to make sense. What’s more, they reckon that they can get it down to 2:1.

One thought




    Through nonlinear dynamics and the science of Quantum Mechanics, we have developed a new motor that runs on common lead acid batteries the batteries will run several years before needing replacement.
    It has enough torque to power an army tank, and unmanned aircraft that could stay on station for several months. Helicopter can stay aloft until crew fatigue. A semi truck could run several years before replacing the batteries. A car, power; hand tools, heat pump to heat and cool a home, office buildings and other commercial and industrial uses. Installed in a laptop or any hand held device, will run years without recharging. Ships, Submarines, Aircraft Carriers that can cruse several years without changing batteries.
    This motor runs by teasing the 2 – permanent magnets in 3 – rotors, fixed to the shaft between two stator’s containing 5 – electro magnets. It’s a timing accomplishment as the permanent magnet comes near the electro magnets, we change the polarity, repelling the permanent magnet and attracting the next.
    With this we generate tremendous torque and RPM’S (10,000)
    The electro magnets have a secondary windings, whose electrons are excited by the changing polarity, which recharges the batteries and significant other uses(1,000+ volts).
    This motor emits NO, Co2, and does not burn oil or gasoline. This solves the oil and gasoline crisis, eliminates refueling logistics and eliminates greenhouse gases.
    This motor “CHANGES EVERYTHING” and is a “Nobel Prize” type development. This is a great development for our country. Young men in our area developed it. We have several working pro to types, soon will have working model that will power a US Army Tank.
    We would welcome the chance to show this to you.

    Henry Johnson
    Director of Marketing
    TWM Technology LLC
    3490 E N Union rd.
    Bay City, MI 48706,
    989 684 7050

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